ABOUT Art by Students

Art by Students is an online marketplace that allows art students to exhibit and sell their artwork online.

Through the reach of Art by Students, art students are able to showcase their art to a wider audience and make it available for purchase. Each art student can create their own profile with a picture, personal information, social media and their artwork.

Art by Students is a place where young artists can take the first step to make a name for themselves.



Art by Students’ mission is to promote the passion, creativity and careers of art students by providing a platform for them to present themselves
as well as deepening the public’s interest and appreciation for art and culture.


Support for the next generation of artists and offer art for everyone.


Dominik Kuhn

During my MBA at Baylor University, I met several art students and had the opportunity to admire their art. Often they told me that they would like to sell their art, but it is more difficult than they thought because they don't have the recognition. With Art by Students, I want to solve this problem and offer young artists a platform to sell their amazing art to interested people and help finance their studies along the way.