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How can I create my own profile and sell art?
In order to sell artwork, you must fill out the form above. The exact procedure of how to register and manage your store can be found here: Getting started.
What are the fees on Art by Students?
To register with Art by Students and open a store, there are two basic fees: the one-time registration fee of $10.00 and the transaction fee. When an item is sold, we charge a transaction fee of 25% of the item’s sale price (including any shipping charges you specify). In exchange, we maintain the website, do marketing to drive customers to the website and we take care of the credit card fees.
What do I need to do to open an Art by Students store?
Register using the form above and pay the $10.00 USD fee. Select the name of your store, the desired URL to your store and provide all the required information. After that you can post and sell your artwork.
How do I get paid?
Art by Students accepts a variety of payment methods. Once you have sold an artwork, you can claim your proceeds in your profile under Withdraw. Once you have done this, the money will be transferred to the account you specified. A more detailed description of the procedure can be found here.
How do I calculate the perfect price for my artwork?
You determine the perfect price for your artwork yourself. You know best what the materials cost and how much time you spent. Please note that you have to add the shipping costs to the selling price, because you pay them when you send the artwork to the customer.
What can I sell on Art by Students?
Art by Students provides a platform for art students to sell their own artwork. It does not matter if it is a painting, a sculpture, a print or a photograph.

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