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  • Biography of Artist

    My name is Mia Rosa, I’m a 20 year old college student, born and raised in Miami, Florida. My work resides within instances and strong emotions that end up provoking a piece into reality. I’ve always been drawn to themes with hints of surrealism with an explorative nature. Art is about a moment. A moment, where you suddenly stop and turn to have a look, and begin to notice the dystopic beauty of that specific space in time ,and it’s just you, and the subject. I want to convey the aspect of that expression through my work and, with that have them radiate their own message(s).

       I mostly focus on the human body or items, places that have been manipulated by human nature. It evokes a curiosity, capturing human nature in a simple manner – an anthology of what makes us people.It’s a slow self discovery, and it’s completely self directed and managed.There’s no limitations.

    PS: I’ve attached a few of my works for an example, thank you!

    Large format mixed media transposition piece
    The Crab; large format acrylic and spray paint
    Ceramic Bust piece, homemade glaze

    Live figure drawing; charcoal


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